Deprecated API

Deprecated Interfaces
          Should use org.makumba.Transaction instead This class models operations with a database. To obtain such an object, use methods from MakumbaSystem.

Stricly speaking this class represents a database connection (later on, transaction). Obtaining more such objects for the same database configurations will result in opening more connections. Connections must be given back to the system using the Database.close() method. That will be done automatically by the object's finalizer. In makumba business logic, connections passed to the BL methods are automatically closed by the system after the BL operations (including eventual automatic DB acceses) were completed. To open a "sibling" of a connection conn of this type, use MakumbaSystem.getConnectionTo(conn.getName()). In most cases, you will have to close the sibling yourself.

At the level of this API, data is represented as java.util.Dictionary, both for reading and writing. Most methods throw DBError if a fatal database error occurs. If the connection to the database is lost, an attempt is made to reconnect before throwing a DBError.

All methods throw subclasses of either Error or RuntimeException, so nothing needs to be caught explicitely. 


Deprecated Methods
          This method name is misleading since it returns a connection, not a database. Use getConnectionTo(getDefaultDatabaseName()) instead 
          use TransactionProvider.getConnectionTo(String) instead 
          This method name is misleading since it returns a connection, not a database. Use getConnectionTo(connectionFile) instead 
          Use DataDefinitionProvider.getDataDefinition(String) instead 
          Use TransactionProvider.getDefaultDataSourceName() instead 
org.makumba.MakumbaSystem.makeFieldDefinition(String, String)
org.makumba.MakumbaSystem.makeFieldOfType(String, String)
org.makumba.MakumbaSystem.makeFieldOfType(String, String, String)
org.makumba.MakumbaSystem.makeFieldWithName(String, FieldDefinition)
org.makumba.MakumbaSystem.makeFieldWithName(String, FieldDefinition, String)