Package org.makumba

Public API for makumba application programmers.


Interface Summary
Attributes The attributes provided by a makumba environment (for example a http session).
Database Deprecated. Should use org.makumba.Transaction instead This class models operations with a database.
DataDefinition Information about a makumba data definition as obtained from an MDD file or the structure of an MQL query result.
DataTransformer Specifies interface for data transformation.
FieldDefinition Information about a field from a makumba data definition as obtained from an MDD file.
Transaction This class models operations with a database.
ValidationDefinition Information about a makumba validation definition.
ValidationRule Defines the basics of a Makumba Validation rule.

Class Summary
copy Copies one database to the other.
DataDefinition.MultipleUniqueKeyDefinition Data structure holding the definition of a mult-field unique key.
delete Deletes records from a database.
FieldValueDiff This class represents a changed of a value in an MDD field.
HibernateSFManager Hibernate Session Factory Manager: handles the configuration and generation of the Hibernate sessionFactory used by Makumba.
HtmlChoiceWriter HtmlChoiceWriter creates HTML statements for printing choice inputs.
HtmlUtils This class provides basic 'text-to-HTML' functionality.
MakumbaSystem The makumba runtime system.
Pointer This class represents an abstract makumba pointer.
QueryFragmentFunctions This class works as a store for the query functions of a DataDefinition.
Text A makumba text, a byte array that can be converted to String when needed.
version Computes the version from SVN BaseURL tag.

Exception Summary
AttributeNotFoundException An exception thrown if an attribute is not found
CompositeValidationException This class holds several InvalidValueException of the same form together.
InvalidFieldTypeException This exception occurs when a field is indicated as being subset or subrecord (eg for the insert method) and it is not.
InvalidValueException This exception occurs when an invalid value is passed to a field
LogicException An exception thrown during the execution of some business logic code
NoSuchFieldException This exception occurs when a field of a makumba type is mentioned but does not exist.
NoSuchLabelException * This exception occurs when a label is used, but does not exist.
NotUniqueException Not-unique is a special case of an InvalidValueException - the value is syntactically correct, but is restricted to only one usage.
UnauthenticatedException An unauthenticated exception, typically due to a missing attribute
UnauthorizedException An unauthorized exception, due to mismatch of attribute values

Error Summary
ConfigurationError Error thrown if a configuration file is not found or cannot be accessed
DataDefinitionNotFoundError Error thrown if a data definition cannot be found
DataDefinitionParseError Error occured during data definition parsing.
DBError A database error
DefinitionParseError This class provides basic support for definition parse errors.
LogicInvocationError This error occurs when an undesired business logic exception comes up.
MakumbaError A generic Makumba fatal error, due to misconfiguration, bad Data Definition (MDD) syntax, bad MQL syntax, database fatal error, etc.
OQLParseError An OQL parse error
ProgrammerError this error is thrown when a handler method is missing but it is needed by some controller
ValidationDefinitionParseError Error occured during validation definition parsing.

Package org.makumba Description

Public API for makumba application programmers. These classes and interfaces should provide just enough for easy writing of effective business logic.