In order to get help, the preferred communication way are mailing-lists. makumba has several mailing-lists, hosted at SourceForge.

StackOverflow #

Makumba developers are actively using and following (the popular Q&A site for developers) where you can find the answers to Makumba related question in Makumba tag.

If you need help, have questions, comments, etc., subscribe to the users mailing-list

If you'd like to get in touch with the developers, feel free to contact them.

If you want to take part in makumba development, you can request to be added to the developers mailing-list (if you do so, please send us a mail beforehand so we know you're not a spam-bot :-) )

If you're interested in helping out with building the makumba community, you can subscribe to the community building mailing-list


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