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Makumba is out!#

13 April 2011
  • Bug fixes
    • Many bug fixes mostly including the new parser
    • mak:add/new form limited to one sumbition
  • New features
    • Regular expression validation and developer tool (tester)
    • Generated SQL queries are now displayed in source viewer
    • Filter authorization for mak:list and mak:object

Makumba Eclipse plugin is out!#

20 March 2011

We are proud to announce that the Eclipse plugin for Makumba is out. Now you can enjoy full MDD editor with syntax coloring, auto complete, linking and other neat future. But the biggest advantage comes from JSP support with auto complete capability on makumba tags.

Visit the Plugin page for more info.

Makumba is out!#

21 Jul 2010
  • Bug fixes
    • throwing a ConfigurationException in MakumbaJSPFactory when the controller filter is not mapped or does not apply (instead of a NPE)
    • copying fix from RecordParser in findDataDefinitionOrDirectory method of MDDProvider, should fix some bugs in developer tools relying on this behavior
    • fix with concurrency problem in analysis state keeping mechanism
  • Internal changes
    • refactoring Configuration: developer tools and servlets are registered in enums, making maintenance easier;
    • changing the way Configuration is built by introducing a DTO (first step to programmatic configuration)

Makumba is out!#

10 Jul 2010
  • Bug fixes
    • removing runtime dependency to javassist
    • fix for the error log viewer in linux systems
  • New features
    • activating error log viewer by default in the makumba tools

Makumba 0.9 is out!#

8 Jul 2010

This release is not a drop-in replacement. Read special changes below

  • Bug fixes
    • allowing multi-types also for different pointer types
    • several fixes in the data object viewer servlet: charEnum and setIntEnum don't cause errors
    • fixing type computation for case-when, especially when there was no else part anymore, displaying ptrOne and setComplex, allowing to view ptrOne and setComplex details
    • some date fields (maybe those resulting from function calls) returned a byte-array, treating that in TableManager
    • date now accepted as field name in antlr MDD parser, also fields starting with low... accepted (by incresing lexer lookahead to avoid collision with 'lower' keyword)
    • fix in DataDefinitionImpl affecting the order of consecutive self-referring sets in getFieldNames()
    • improving checkValue so that it throws an exception when a Long value is bigger than the maximal value an Integer can take. fixes #1071
    • check for number of arguments to single-field validation rules, fixes #1239
    • better error message for impossible composite update/insert, fixes #656
    • fix for non-applied single-field validation rules in a subfield applying to a field having the same name as a field of the parent
    • fixing #1242
    • fixing #1240
    • applying database transaction rollback in case of form validation errors for all form operations, as otherwise this may lead to an inconsistent db state
  • New features
    • annotating the list-tags in the JSP viewer with the queries they generated
    • developer tool to convert intEnum to setIntEnum, copying the existing data
    • adding DBSV format as input option in pointer value converter
    • adding Data Definition and Query Function Inliner providers to Makumba configuration overview
    • improved mak:info tag
    • improvement to JSP viewer: displaying a pop-up with generated queries for the list/object tags; showing analysis errors
    • error log viewer initial revision
    • EntityClassGenerator, generating JPA-annotated POJO classes based on MDDs
    • javassist-based reader for method annotations
  • Internal changes
    • fixing release mechanism broken due to build path change
    • fixing testing mechanism, test cases can record their comparison files one by one (not globally anymore)
    • extended tests for MDD functions
  • Special changes
    • new first-pass query inliner
    • moved org.makumba.providers.datadefinition.makumba.* to attic. ===> this means that dataDefinitionProvider=recordinfo in the provider section of Makumba.conf is no longer working.
    • changes in org.makumba.DataDefinition: getReferenceFields() and getUniqueFields() are moved to ReferenceChecker, checkUpdate() and checkFieldNames() to CRUDOperationProvider
    • changes in org.makumba.FieldDefinition: checkUpdate() moved to CRUDOperationProvider
    • dropping support of "requiredAttributes" as deprecated alternative to checkAttributes. Fixes #611.

Makumba is out!#

2 Apr 2010
  • Bug fixes
    • multi-type parameters are accepted again
  • Internal changes
    • optimizing new query generation
    • changing ANT build path to build/ (instead of classes)

Makumba is out!#

27 Mar 2010
  • Bug fixes
    • mak-tools: fixing a bug in the reference checker, closing the DB connection
    • mak-tools: fixing a bug in the data query servlet - not all columns were displayed correctly; now, displaying all columns that have at least one non-null value
    • configuration: disabling automatic reloading of configuration file by apache-commons-cli in the MakumbaINIConfiguration
    • MDD parser: fixing a potential lock cause
  • Internal changes
    • refactoring the SQL query generation and the multiple attribute parametrizer, moving it in the tree-based query analysis and introducing new SQLQueryGenerator interface

Spring 2010 development meeting#

05 Mar 2010
As a follow-up on the outcomes of the makumba meeting held last November in Copenhagen, next month will see another gathering, this time in Vienna. On the agenda, hands-on activities such as:
  • cleanup / refactoring work to ease the integration with JSF (to progressively adopt it as the underlying presentation technology)
  • implementation of implicit, MDD-based, authorization
  • design of accountability support

Makumba is out!#

09 Feb 2010
The new release fixes in particular bug 1163

Makumba is out!#

03 Feb 2010
Maintenance release fixing broken reference to JSP 2.1 API

Makumba is out!#

29 Jan 2010
  • Form submission message also shown for successful response
  • Fixing bug in MDD parser that would prevent overriding of IDD fields in sub-tables (setComplex, ptrOne)
  • Enhancing analysis engine: reporting invalid values for tag attributes can now be handled through AnalysableTag#registerAttributeValues()
  • Improving error reporting: when an error occurs during the analysis or execution of a tag, we fetch the exact line of that tag and display it to the user, keeping the analysis status in the servlet context (as attribute) until the error does not occur anymore, so that we can keep on displaying the error message on successive requests (page reloads).
  • Extending/refactoring page analysis: introducing AnalysableElement and ElementData to abstract from Tag, and allow for another kind of element (EL expression).
  • Moving all the code required for accurate error handling into AnalysableElement
  • Small fixes reported by bug detection plugin
  • Fixing small bug in error viewer: removing generation of a link to the current directory in error pages when encountering a '.'

Makumba is out!#

10 Jan 2010
  • Fixing FIXME in FilterConditionControllerHandler: using configuration paths so as not to filter the MDD viewers etc.
  • Using default page analysis doAnalyzedStartTag, doAnalyzedEndTag in PaginationTag
  • Ordering entries in simple page cache for easier usage of analysis
  • Refactoring form code, pulling operations in FormTagBase for generic re-use (bug 1131)
  • Tests running with jetty
  • Fixing a bug that was causing searchForms not to have the original query string after form submission
  • Test case for bug 1115, was already fixed previously
  • mak:section tag for partial post-back, including automated tests
  • Ajax-submitted forms, including automated tests
  • mak:submit tag for easing generation of submit button/link, including automated tests
  • Working on bug 1152 (general makumba.css)
  • close to fixing bug 1047
  • Fixing bug with makumba tags not highlighted in source viewer

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