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Welcome to makumba! #

Makumba is a framework for rapid and sustainable web-app development. It runs as tag-library for JSP 2.0.

makumba's core ideas are:

  • creating web-apps should be simple and there should not be a need to have a deep technical background. For this, makumba relies on simple languages such as HTML markup and MQL (a SQL-like query language).
  • code should be sustainable. Makumba ensures this by relying on simple languages and a set of best practices that make the code understandable also for someone who did not write it.
  • everything is a query-fragment. Displaying and modifying data is made simple especially through powerful features such as the Makumba lists and Makumba forms.
  • mixing Model and View via queries is beneficial for web application development and helps eliminate many application layers without much architectural penalty, and leads to intuitive code. See Manifesto

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