The makumba request lifecycle#

makumba's request lifecycle is orchestrated by the makumba controller, which is a component running in the servlet container (as a filter). When a request for a makumba page enters the servlet container, the controller will intercept the request, and perform its "controller" activities (cfr. the model-view-controller pattern) using the following lifecycle:

  1. attributes handling: compute the makumba Attributes for the request
  2. authentication: check if a user is allowed to access the web-application as a whole
  3. authorisation: check if the user is authorised to execute the specific page
  4. form submission handling: in case of a form submission, perform validation (implicit and explicit), execute form-specific business logic and handle form response
  5. error handling: if an error occurs (be it a programmer error or an internal error), handle the error by e.g. displaying the appropriate page
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