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Taglib documentation for EL function mak:maxResults#


the maximum count of the enclosing mak:list, disregarding potential limit and offset values


This tag has no attributes

See also#

mak:count, mak:maxCount, mak:lastCount, mak:nextCount


<mak:list ...>
   <c:if test="${mak:count()==1}">These are the list elements: </c:if>
   <tr bgcolor="${mak:count()%2==1?"white":"grey"}">
        <td>this shows in alternate colors</td>
   <c:if test="${mak:count()!=mak:maxCount()}">
       a separator where we can have any <b>tag</b> 
       we don't want separators to be shown after the last element 
<c:if test="${mak:lastCount()==0}">These are no elements </c:if>

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